Garden Supplies

The following garden supplies are available for delivery or collection:

Rotivated Top Soil
Rotivated Top Soil
Screened Top Soil (uncertified)
Screened Top Soil

Top Soil – Quality Screened or Rotivated
High Quality Screened Top Soil or High Quality Rotivated top soil,  Root Zone (70% sand x 30% top soil) or try our Gold Blend which is blended to 99% of the British Standard Certificate. The soils are suitable for good quality agriculture, amenity horticulture and landscape sites supporting crops, grass, trees, shrubs and other planting. We supply in jumbo bags, 25kg bags (collection only) or delivered loose. Large quantities of various grade top soil is also available.




Mushroom Compost
Has a higher rate of PH than other composts. Helps breakdown soils with a high clay content.

Mushroom Compost
Mushroom Compost

Farmyard Manure
Well rotted manure. Mix with our Top Soil for a rich organic border mix.

Surface ChipSurface Wood Chip
Ideal for borders and childrens play areas.

10mm Green WasteGreen Waste (Soil Improver) Compost
Mix with our Top Soil to give a rich organic top soil and compost blend.

Lime SpreadingGarden Lime
To help raise the PH level in your lawn and to give a thicker greener grass.

All of the above are available in 25 kg bags (collection only or special delivery for 20+ bags), jumbo bags or loose.

Please contact us on 01323 833181 for more information.